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I’m not a fan of wedges However, the shape of the heel on these Emilio Pucci wedges make it seem as if you are walking on your toes. I also love the way they have incorporated the trademark Pucci print in the straps.

And also these Walter Steiger’s which remind me of the inverted Marc Jacob heels.

On a different note I was looking up “vegan” shoes on the internet, looling and Natalie Portman’s lines and anything by a McCartney. Once again they are lost on me. If I wanted 100% synthetic shoes I would buy Pierre Fontains or some other everday brand but there is no way I would spend $500 on plastic. Mind you there are some great inexpensive Australian brands out there that generally only cost $150 a pair, like Top End, Sachi and I love Billy. All are stocked at Freelance Shoes which has many great independant brands.

Happy Shoe hunting,