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No Love For Biviano as Mary Kyri Takes Over

Strangely when Australia’s Next Top Model did their annual shoe episoe I saw one big hole filled with another. Terry Biviano, Australia’s self proclaimed version of Manolo Blahnik and Sydney shoe queen was replaced by another Italian Australian footwear designer wanting to claim the title of Australia’s top cobbler.

Mary Kyri is from South Australia and is loved by celebrities including Kylie and the Kardishan’s. As well appearing on ANTM she supplied the shoes for the Runway to LA photocall, not to menting providing her designs for last year’s Sass and Bide Melbourne fashion show. I can’t find an image for me to post on this site however compaired to another designer that really needs to step up her game, Mary Kyri has a web site where you can view her range. I wouldn’t put her on the same level as a manolo, not even a louboutin but at least her shoes don’t look like the heels might snap off.

As for other up and coming shoe designers I can not wait for the Charlotte Olympia site to be finished, designed by Charlotte Dellal, daughter of eighties model Andrea Dellal. I’ve seen a couple of shots of her designs but I really want to see a full range.

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Terry Biviano’s Golden Slippers

I’ve been looking through websites looking for a good shot of Terry Biviano’s one of a kind golden slippers from the Star city party and I have resigned to the fact there isn’t one but this is the best I can find without subscribing to an overpriced photo site.

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Another Terry Biviano Shoe

The Terry Biviano Leather tan weave boot. I know how much everyone loves a pic of her designs and on the web a good one is hard to come by, so when I bought a mag today and saw a photo of one in the Strand brochure I thought I should go online and see if they had a flash version. So after all that I have to ask, would you pay $830Aus/783.689 USD/498.721 EUR/397.258 GBP for them?

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