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Chanel, as seen on every other shoe blog

I really debated with myself on whether to post this picture or not as it is currently on every single fashion blog google can find and every single one says the same thing; that they are from Chanel Cruise 2008/2009 (duh), that they are Art Deco inspired (double duh), that they were inspired by a picture of a gun (don’t even have to put a duh there) and they were designed by Chanel’s resident shoemaker Laurence Decade and all other information regurgitated from the Fashion Week Daily article.

However the thing that really confuses me with the shoe is the name, the “Miami Vice”? Just because Miami is where they held the fashion show it does not mean you have to name the shows signature piece after a bad 1970’s television show when you could have given it a sleek name taken from a film noir. It just screams the “Maltese Falcon” or “Vertigo”. You can just imagine them walking into the detectives office on the legs of a platinum blonde. But that’s just me, and to be honest, with all my questions on balance due to the heels placement and the chances of the heel snapping, I still want to buy the damn things.

Happy Shoe Hunting