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Balenciaga on Ebay

Found these cute Balenciaga gladiator sandal boots on ebay in a size 38. You can find them under the sellers name style4style* the buy now price is $1,895 US which is a bargian compaired to the retail price, and it also has a best offer option.

Happy Shoe Hunting.


The New It Shoe

Not to long ago theit shoe in Hollywood was the YSL tributes, the fashion mags were saturated with celebs wearing them but now they are all but gone from the red carpet.

Now the shoe I’m seeing every where is the Balenciaga knee high gladiator sandals worn by Jennifer Connelly in the ad campaigne.

But as always these shoes will soon too disappear into the back of Mary-Kate Olsen’s wardrobe and a new sky high heel will arrive, my pick would be these gorgeous Prada’s with a hand carved heel from thier in the Garden of Eden line.

Happy Shoe Hunting